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The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) is a non-profit organization that represents over 35,000 Indian American Physicians of which almost 10,000 are medical students and residents. The Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows section (MSRF) addresses issues geared more towards medical students and physicians in training..


 AAPI MSRF is a national organization that focuses on promoting the professional, political, and social goals of American medical and dental students, residents and fellows of Indian heritage. We are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in healthcare, striving to provide a diverse forum for scientific, educational, cultural, charitable and political interaction among our members.

To realize our mission, we follow 5 guiding principles:

  • We strive to uphold and maintain the highest standards of ethics in the practice of medicine and medical education.
  • To help patients become fully informed and empowered partners in the practice of medicine.
  • As a national organization and liaison to local chapters, we provide a channel of networking, support, and open communication among our members and local chapters.
  • We provide non-profit service to the community at large through local chapter events and national service projects. In addition, we benefit the communities internationally through service opportunities, AVSAR international, and electives abroad.
  • We provide an avenue of individual communication between our members and Capitol Hill. During AAPI’s Legislative Day, we provide a unifying voice for our members to strive to impact national legislation and policies overseas that affect medical education and practice.


Unity of purpose. Collegiality in action. Commitment to Excellence. Compassion toward others.